Weather Related/Unforeseen Circumstances

Weather conditions, etc... could change the format of the tournament games, effecting the time limit as well as the innings per game. Director/Director of Umpires discretion to alter in attempt to get all of the games in.

Time Limits

Forfeit time will be game time.  No new inning will start after 1 hour 10 minutes for pool play and bracket play.   Finish the inning. There will be no time limit in 12u, 14u and 16u championship games. In 10u championship game, no new inning will start after 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Mercy Rule

The game will be called if a team is behind by 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings and 8 runs after 5 innings.


All teams must be at their field READY TO PLAY 15 minutes prior to game time.  Games can begin 15 minutes early if fields are available.

Game Balls will be provided.
There will be No infield practice on game fields before games.
Games will be 7 innings for 16U, 14U and 12U.    Games will be 6 innings for 10U.  Time limits may shorten games to less innings. There CAN be ties in pool play, but NOT in bracket play.  In bracket play, including the championship games, the International Tie Breaker will be used after 7 innings (6 innings for 10U) or the time limit, whichever comes first. 

MVP Awards

Each team will receive three MVP pins, one for each pool play game.  At the conclusion of each POOL PLAY game, your team will award an MVP Pin to one player on the opposing team that you feel best deserves it. 


Tie breakers for seeding into bracket will be handled as follows:

  1. Head to Head
  2. Runs allowed
  3. Run differential (max of 10)
  4. Runs scored (max of 10 per game)
  5. Coin Flip

Tournament Umpires

Judgment calls are final and may not be protested. A coach may question a rules violation call to the umpires. You must work out any conflicts with the umpires at the time of the disagreement.. All decisions will be made on the field. The umpires decision is final.   Settle it and move on.

Home Team

In Pool and Bracket play the home team will be determined by a player and coach from each team, meeting with the umpires at home plate. Each player will roll a softball with the closest ball to the pitchers plate without passing it determining home team. The home team will be considered the official scorekeeper. Scores must be submitted by the winning team within 15 minutes of the completion of the game.

Scores must be sent by the winning team by text message to the following number:  (810) 602-0069

Please follow this simple format when texting:

16U (division), P3 (Game #), Tigers (Winning team & score) 6, Cubs (losing team & score) 5. So it will read like this:

16U, P3, Tigers 6, Cubs 5

Dugout Selection

Is based on a first come, first secured system. 
Exception at the Ore Creek Field. On this field when an Eagles Fastpitch team is playing, they will occupy the 1st base dugout so that they can have access to the dugout shed for field maintenance. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Pitchers are allowed 5 warm up pitches at the start of the game and 2 pitches per inning afterwards. Should there be a pitching change, the new pitcher will receive 5 pitches. 



Our goal is to make the tournament as fun as possible for the greatest number of players.  So throughout the tournament in both pool and bracket play coaches can bat up to 12 players if they choose. This is strictly a coaching option. The pitcher and catcher will be marked on the lineup and all other players will be treated as EP’s.  If a coach chooses to go with a line-up that includes Substitutes then the Standard Softball rules governing substitutes is in effect.  
Note:  If you have all players batting and there is an injury, you will not have an out in the lineup when the injured player comes to bat.
Coaches are encouraged to have their catcher ready to go (a courtesy runner is recommended with two outs) at the beginning of the inning and to hustle their teams on and off the field due to time limits. 
Coaches are encouraged to limit their team gathering at the pitchers mound due to time limits.

Pitching Distance

10U will pitch from 35’, 12u will pitch from 40’, 14u, 16u & 18u will pitch from 43’.

No Metal Cleats for 10U and 12U divisions

Courtesy Runners

As per Standard Softball rules courtesy runners may be used for pitcher or catcher of record: Player not currently in the game or the player who made the last out.

10U Only - Additional Rules/Guidelines

  1. Round Robin batting if coach desires. (Pool/Bracket Games)
  2. Unlimited defensive changes
  3. There will be no infield fly rule
  4. Maximum of 5 runs per inning per team. However, if a team is behind by more than 5 runs, they may score more than 5 runs in an inning until they take the lead by 1 run. Teams will then switch offense and defense.
  5. Unlimited scoring allowed by both teams in the last inning.
  6. No drop 3rd strike. Batter is out.


Please remember that these are youth softball games and are being played to help the girls grow into confident young women.  They are not life and death situations. Unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches, players, parents, and or spectators will not be tolerated and will be dealt with on an individual basis.      
No artificial noise makers are allowed.  Players cannot bang on fences or dugout.


Any player, coach or manager ejected for disciplinary reasons must meet with the Tournament Director and Director of Umpires (or designee). An investigation into the grounds for the ejection will determine if further action should be taken and if the player, coach or manager will be allowed to participate in the next game.   Any coach removing his team from the field and refusing to play will have his teams banned from further play in the tournament. Coaches are reminded they are responsible for their team’s parents and fans. Any parent or fan ejected must meet with the Tournament Director and Director of Umpires (or designee) to determine if any further action should be taken. 
Any questions should be directed to the Tournament Director or Director of Umpires. 

Refund Policy

No Refunds.