How one life has changed many

Jaime Marie Ives

Jaime lived a peaceful and joyful life growing up in Hartland, Michigan. A big part of Jaime’s life was her involvement in youth sports. She grew up trying everything such as soccer, softball, basketball, and dance. She was gifted with natural athletic talent. Her mother assisted in coaching her in softball, helping Jaime excel as an amazing pitcher and shortstop. Her dad mentored Jaime in basketball while he coached the Lakeland High School team. She quickly became unstoppable at point guard. In addition to sports keeping her busy, she loved the simple things in life such as playing pickle in the driveway, or building tree forts. In the small community of Hartland, she had the gift of creating bonds with friends and family that will last a lifetime.

On June 03, 2004, Jaime went to school as usual. While playing with her friends after school, she suddenly felt the strong pain of a headache. Due to the immense pain, she was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. She passed away suddenly during the night. It was a complete shock to her family, friends, and to the community. To this day we look at the strength Jaime showed us as a 6th grader and what an amazing person she had become. Her teammates have kept her in their hearts out on the fields and on the courts. She was an inspiration to those who knew her, and she continues to shape many lives. Her memory and love of life will be passed on.

She will always be our Little Angel.